We strive to deliver The Ultimate Cycling Vacation, and that applies to our volunteers and our guests. Volunteering on our tour allows you to work hard, play hard and enjoy the Adirondacks in a unique and exciting way. You’ll make new friends while supporting local economic development, community-based conservation and bicycle tourism in the Adirondacks. If you’re interested in a rewarding summer adventure, consider becoming one of the CycleADK “Roadies”.

We need a team of fun loving folks to join us for the entire week, to help take care of all the logistics involved with an event of this scope. The needs vary from physical tasks requiring strength and mobility to light-duty positions suitable for nearly anyone. This is a great opportunity for family or friends of registered riders, as well as anyone who wants to support community-based conservation in the Adirondacks.

You’ll see on the registration page that there is a wide range of jobs available and our volunteers are organized into “teams”. Teams are described below and within the registration pages. You can apply for specific teams or sign up as a general volunteer of you have no preference.

We love our Roadies and we’re always looking for newcomers. So use our online application to sign up and please tell your friends…we love groups of volunteers too!


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2018 Volunteer Teams            

Baggage Team

This team gets all the bags moved from camp to camp, and operates the Gear Drop service, letting riders shed gear at route stops and get it back in camp later. It requires lifting bags of up to 65 pounds in and out of trucks and organizing them by rider number. In this job you’ll work really hard for an hour or so, drive to the next town, work really hard for an hour or so, and then relax, or help out where needed. (Gear drop schedule is a little different.)

Support and Gear (SAG) Team

This is a team of specialized drivers who pilot our support vehicles on the route each day, helping riders who have mechanical breakdowns on the road or become sick or exhausted. In this position you’ll need to stay in communication with event staff and medical personnel. You’ll be required to lift bikes on and off racks mounted on the top or rear of a vehicle, so it requires strength, dexterity and no fear of heights. Basic bicycle maintenance and repair is very helpful here. You get to be a “road angel,” which is very fulfilling.

Mechanics Team

An event like this needs a team of accomplished mechanics to help riders keep their bikes in prime running condition. Mechanics work a short shift in the morning as riders leave, then are stationed individually at major stops along the route, and as a team in the next camp in the evening. You must be an experienced mechanic, good enough to work at it for a living. Extreme gratefulness (and tips) are definitely involved here.

Transportation Team

This team is responsible for coordinating a team of local volunteer shuttle drivers in each host community. The local drivers will shuttle guests to and from lodging, shopping, restaurants, etc. The CycleADK team operates as a dispatch for local shuttle drivers.

Green Team

This team is responsible for helping to keep our tour’s environmental footprint as small as possible. This involves educating riders about the green measures we take – like how to sort waste from meals into compostable material, recyclables and trash. It also involves helping sort and load these waste streams in some cases. You’ll really be helping the environment in this position, and people appreciate that you’re there helping them, too.

Help Desk Team

If you enjoy knowing it all and telling people about it, this position could be right for you. The Help Desk is the information hub of the event, setting up in each camp to tell riders where everything is, answer their random questions and just generally support them. This job requires the ability to orient yourself within campsites, patience in answering the same questions repeatedly, and resourcefulness to find solutions to varied situations. This job does not require heavy lifting, and you will likely earn the everlasting gratitude of many riders.

Site Team

This team is responsible for setting up and tearing down our main camp equipment, including tents, tables, chairs, signs, etc. If you’ve ever longed to run away and join the circus as a roustabout, this could be your dream job. This position requires physical labor, the ability to read maps, and love of the accomplishment of seeing an entire temporary town appear and disappear every day.

Sign Team

This team is responsible for putting up and taking down route signage each day. Team members go out on the course ahead of the riders and mark obstacles, sign turns, and put up inspirational or amusing signs to keep riders’ spirits high. The job includes plenty of slow driving and lots of getting in and out of the vehicle, plus loading and unloading some signs that weigh up to 40 pounds. Creativity and a puckish sense of humor are a real plus.

Food Team

The Food Team is responsible for coordinating between the caterers and the diners – in other words, running food, serving food, cleaning up the dining area and the like. If you never got your chance to work in a nice restaurant with outdoor seating, here you go. This job doesn’t require much heavy lifting, and you’ll get to interact with the riders regularly.

Route Team

Route team members do a variety of things on the route – monitoring riders while pedaling sections of the route and directing traffic at tricky intersections are two of the main tasks. This job is for strong riders with good communication skills and the patience to say “Watch the railroad tracks!” over and over for hours.

Lunch & Rest Stop Team

This team is in charge of delivering food and drink to rest and water stops, as well as helping out the caterers at the lunch stop. You will work with local volunteer teams, supervising food supplies, serving and cleanup. Some lifting is involved, but mostly it’s standing, serving and chatting. And you get lots of thank-you’s from the riders for the goodies.

CycleADK Volunteer – General

If you just want to help and don’t care what team you get assigned to, or you like to bounce from job to job depending on what’s needed this is the job for you. We can always use extra helping hands to relieve other volunteer shifts or do odd jobs that pop up throughout the week.


Sign Me Up. Let's Roadie!