Ride Day 5, Thursday 8/24
Out-and-Back routes from Saranac Lake


Day 5 is all about options…on the bike and off the bike, passive and active. We have two relatively short rides planned for today, one to visit the Wild Center in Tupper Lake and the other to enjoy Lake Placid, New York’s Olympic Village. We are in the mountains now so whichever ride you choose you will encounter some terrain change. But the distances are shorter so the overall amount of ascent is less and the Lake Placid route is the flatter of the two. Of course, if you’re a real animal you could always ride them both and make this a solid 65-mile day (just sayin’). But if you’re like most of the rest of us, today will be a day for relaxation and exploration. There is so much to see and do here that we’ll save the details for when you arrive. But regardless of your interests, it can all be found in the Tri-Lakes Region. This is a truly unique and authentic place…today is the day to take it all in!

Please be aware that routes are subject to change and that digital downloads are meant to supplement pavement markings and cue sheets. If you’re planning to download routes to your mobile device you’ll want to wait until August 1st to ensure you have the most current daily routes.

SHORT ROUTE to Olympic venues and the Village of Lake Placid

LONG ROUTE to The Wild Center in Tupper Lake

Ride Day 6, Friday 8/25
Point-to-Point ride to Schroon Lake


Some tours treat the final day as just a way to get “back to the start”…not Cycle Adirondacks. We’ve saved some of the best riding for last because we want your final day on the bike to be as memorable and enjoyable as the others. As we ride back through Lake Placid you’ll get a chance to see (and visit if you choose) some of the Olympic venues where history has been made. If you haven’t seen the Nordic ski jumps in person you will leave this year’s tour with a new-found respect for those men and women who hurl themselves through the air. The ride from Lake Placid into the Town of Keene affords some of the most stunning views of the Great Range, which provide a backdrop to pristine alpine lakes and rivers. This is what makes this area so popular for bicyclists, rock climbers and hikers. The terrain is also what makes this 10-mile stretch of road an area to use a little extra caution. The views are intriguing and not to be missed. It’s good to take advantage of the trailhead parking areas and designated scenic overlooks to capture your memories. And remember that our friends Evan and Hilary from Pure Adirondacks will be with us along the way in case you miss one. Once we pass the 20-mile mark, the climbing is mostly over. There is one short hill outside of Keene Valley but that’s pretty much it. And then the last 25 miles is nearly all downhill (why not end the week that way? You’ve earned it!). What a week this has been. Thanks for riding with us, we hope to see you again in 2018!