Ride Day 3, Tuesday 8/21
Out-and-Back routes from Inlet


Today’s routes connect two of the Central Adirondacks’ most popular destinations, Inlet and Old Forge. CycleADK 2015 riders will remember Old Forge, it’s where we spent two days in the middle of the week. In 2018 our camp in Inlet is just a few miles away at the mid-point of the Fulton Chain of Lakes – the eight-lake interconnected chain that begins in Old Forge, the southern terminus of the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail that ends in Fort Kent, Maine. The Fulton Chain provides a variety of water-based activities ranging from pontoon boating, waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking and tour boat excursions. Today’s rides both go to Old Forge and back, the long route includes an excursion through the woods to Big Moose Station and the end of paved roads. While today’s short route is spent on the main route along the lakes (where there’s a wide paved shoulder) and the less-traveled South Shore Road, the long route’s diversion is an out-and-back spur that provides 1,100’ of total climbing in 15 miles. It’s hilly and windy with a relatively narrow shoulder. But the surface is well-maintained, it’s generally quiet on weekday mornings and there are many chances to pull off and enjoy the scenery. Whether you gobble up all the miles or take a more relaxed approach on Day 3 you’re in for a real treat. This will be a great day, on and off the bike.

Please be aware that routes are subject to change and that digital downloads are meant to supplement pavement markings and cue sheets. If you’re planning to download routes to your mobile device you’ll want to wait until August 1st to ensure you have the most current daily routes.

Long Route

Start/End:                              Inlet / Inlet
Distance:                               42.2 mi
Elevation Gain/Descent:     + 2348 ft / – 2348 ft (Net Gain/Descent: + 0 ft)


Short Route

Start/End:                              Inlet / Inlet
Distance:                               26.9 mi
Elevation Gain/Descent:     + 1249 / – 1249 ft (Net Gain/Descent: + 0 ft)

Ride Day 4, Wednesday 8/22
Point-to-Point ride to North Creek


Start/End:                              Inlet / North Creek
Distance:                               48.9 mi or 75.3 mi
Elevation Gain/Descent:     + 2540 / – 2660 ft or + 4143 / – 4842 ft (Net Gain/Descent: – 120 ft or -699 ft)
As much as we loved our time spent in Inlet, it’s time to move on…to North Creek, historically a major exporter of mineral and timber resources and now home to Gore Mountain, the second largest ski resort in New York, and the northern terminus of the Saratoga and North Creek Railway. Although we’ll backtrack a bit in the morning, we’ll peel off at Blue Mountain Lake in favor of “the road less traveled”. This gives us a chance to visit The Adirondack Experience (formerly known as the Adirondack Museum) and ride through the earliest developed and settled part of the Adirondacks. Today, this area is often referred to as the “heart” of the Adirondack Park and is known for its unspoiled natural resources, scenery and wildlife. But in the years following the Civil War, Reconstruction Era demands resulted in excessive logging and mineral extraction throughout the Central Adirondacks. The recognition of this resource depletion and its impact on water quality and other concerns led to the broad protection and unique development patterns that give the Park its character. To highlight this important history, and to provide an alternative for those who don’t want to pedal 75 miles, we’ll have two finish locations today. Our Lunch Stop, in Newcomb, will serve as an alternative finish point where we’ll have a little “pre-game” warm-up to our arrival in North Creek. This will give you the choice to continue riding to North Creek or call it good and hop a ride in. The final 25 miles of today’s route provide a net descent of about 500 feet with just one significant bit of climbing but if 50 miles is your idea of a full day we’ve got you covered. Either way, we’ll all have some fun when we reach North Creek.